I collect useful things, and write oddly specific scripts when I can't find what I want. As a result, I've amassed a rather large collection of dotfiles, as well as a ~/bin filled with junk. Here are some of the more useful pieces of junk:

scripts and hacks


A clearsigned text editor. Extracts and verifies a PGP clearsigned document embedded in a file, opens an editor with the document, signs the new document, and re-embeds it into the file. Formerly used to make sure the PGP signatures on this website are always up to date without excessive hassle.


Connects to each IP through standard OpenSSH and parses through the passwd file for unwanted users. Supports identity files, parallel jobs, and regular expression matches. While it does work in its current state, it could definitely use a rewrite (perhaps to use the paramiko library?) in the future.



An unofficial Gentoo overlay with some packages not found in the main ebuild tree. Includes a simple quality assurance script for updating the package list, suitable for running on continuous integration services.


Dockerfiles for setting up environments with specific C/C++ compilers installed. Originally a fork of conan-docker-tools to include lcov for coverage testing, the goal is now to pack the compiler and other tools into as small an image as possible. Automatically generates images and pushes them to Docker Hub using Travis CI.


A high-performance graphics engine that uses a domain-specific language to render three-dimensional shapes and meshes with shaders.


A simple script to parse tabular data and generate graphical reports that show how much time one spends on performing a task over a given period.